Great Children’s Songs Albums for your Kindle Fire Music Cloud

Children  Songs Kindle Fire Music Cloud
Kindle Fire owners can now safely store music in the cloud through a Kindle Fire music cloud application called Amazon Cloud Player. You can readily download this application to your Kindle Fire for free. Once downloaded, you can simple shop for MP3 music in the app store and save them to the cloud for backup and listen to your music anytime, anywhere.

For parents, the Kindle Fire music cloud is really a great tool for storing an unlimited number of children’s songs. Kids are fond of listening to music especially children’s songs that can teach them different things from ABC, counting numbers, animals, shapes, and many more. If you install Kindle Fire music cloud, there will be no limit to the number of children’s songs that you can store. And your songs are safe because they are stored in the cloud. You can access your songs easily by a simple tap on your Kindle Fire.

To give you a glimpse of the children’s songs that you can save on your Kindle Fire music cloud, here are our top 6 choices of albums which contain some of the most entertaining and educational children’s songs for your kids.

Baby Beluga

Price: $9.49

Baby Beluga is a children’s music album by Raffi, a popular children’s entertainer. It is a famous album originally released in 1980 and now has a Kindle Fire version which can be downloaded to your Kindle Fire music cloud. This album contains 13 songs your kids will surely love including the famous Baby Beluga, Over in the Meadow, This Old Man, Kumbaya, and several others. Purchase this album and store it in your Kindle Fire music cloud and it’s guaranteed to entertain your kids and even adults.

Buy from (Price: $9.49)

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Dora Movies & Books on Kindle Fire for Kids

There are quite a lot of Dora the Explorer books and movies, and now you can get some of them on your Kindle Fire for kids. We reviewed a few of the available Kindle Fire for kids ebooks as well as a couple of movies which will be available on your Kindle Fire very soon! Have a look and see what your kids can get from these fun adventures.


Dora is a great role model for all kids, but especially for girls. She is brave and adventurous, and she can teach kids a lot about having fun safely in a world that needs to be taken care of.


Count with Dora! – eBook

Learning to count is something that can be incredibly fun for kids – if they have the right inspiration. If your kids love Dora, then this Kindle Fire for kids book is perfect for helping them to learn to count.

Kindle Fire book for kids

• This is the ebook version of the popular counting book with Dora the Explorer.
• Educational and fun for kids.

 Buy from Amazon – Price: $3.99

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Barney Movies & eBooks on Kindle Fire for Kids

The Kindle Fire isn’t just an adult tablet, Kindle Fire for kids books and apps can be fun and educational. From counting and number games to sing-alongs and lessons about everyday life, there are now a number of fun and educational apps available for the Kindle Fire which will get your kids excited about learning with their favority purple dinosaur, Barney. To help you find the perfect Kindle Fire for kids ebook or app that features Barney, we’ve reviewed a few options below.


My First Sing-Along Book

Barney the dinosaur, along with his friends Baby Bop and BJ, sing your child’s favorite Barney songs in this fun Kindle Fire for kids ebook. The board book version comes with an audio CD, which can get scratched or lost. If your child loves singing along with Barney, this is the perfect ebook for the Kindle Fire.

Amazon Price: $2.99


This is the ebook version of the popular Barney book My First Sing-Along Book (Barney the Dinosaur).

Barney is a great character for kids, and he can help your kids to learn important lessons, too with these Kindle Fire for kids books and movies.


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Kindle For Children: Buyer’s Guide

Still looking for a child-friendly tablet? You may consider looking at Amazon’s Kindle for kids. This 7-inch tablet is not just for adults but for kids too. So if you are still undecided on which tablet to buy for your kids, this article will provide you with an overview of Kindle for children and how it suits young kids, even as young as 3 years old.

1. Good for reading e-books.

The Kindle for children is a very good e-book reader. It has kid-friendly features and options to enhance your kid’s reading experience. You may opt to enlarge the texts on the screen to make texts very easy to read. At the same time, there are a lot of available books for kids. What’s more is that these Kindle childrens books are very interactive. Kindle Fire e-books for kids have great illustrations, moving graphics, and even background music to accompany one’s reading.

2. Very readable at night time.

Not only is the Kindle for children perfect for your kids in terms of developing their reading and comprehension, but moreover the Amazon Kindle for kids works great, even at night time. Kids can still read clearly even at night as there is an option to turn the text to white and the background to black, which makes the tablet’s LCD not too bright to the eyes.

3. Good web browser experience.

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