Best Kindle Fire Music Apps for Kids

Music is a good source of wholesome entertainment for both young and old. Most of you have probably memorized the song “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” or the “Wheels on the Bus” during your childhood. And most of you might agree that you easily memorized the alphabet because of the Alphabet song. For so many years now, nursery or children’s songs have continuously entertained and taught children about different things that they would otherwise find it hard to learn without these songs.

Music is considered one of the greatest tools for teaching a child about numbers, alphabets, fruits, animals, places and other things. It also enhances his creativity and imagination while encouraging him to develop a skill in singing or playing an instrument. And with music app for Kindle Fire, your child can now learn about music anytime they want, anywhere. By simply downloading your selection of music app for Kindle Fire, learning about music can never be easier and more entertaining for your child.

Listed below is a list of popular music app for Kindle Fire:

Baby Piano

Price: $1.99

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Baby Piano is a music app for Kindle Fire which features an eight-key piano that can play all the notes Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do. Each of the keys is very colorful and decorated with animated animal character above it. Your child can have the option to play his own song or choose a nursery song like “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and play along in the piano as the key is highlighted. This music app for Kindle Fire is ideal for babies and toddlers from nine months to three year old. But it can also be a great app for those who are young at heart.

Music App for Kindle Fire Product Features

  • 8 colorful keys
  • 3 piano options: singing child, and animal noises, traditional piano
  • 10 popular children songs to choose from
  • With record and playback options

Kids Animal Piano Pro

Price: $1.99

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Another great music app for Kindle Fire is the Kids Animal Piano Pro. It is a nine-tone piano allowing your child to play a variety of popular songs using animal sounds or instruments such as piano, violin and cymbal. Preloaded songs include BINGO, Alphabet song, Five Little Monkey and several others. Your child will surely spend hours of awesome entertainment while learning different songs with this music app for Kindle Fire.

Music App for Kindle Fire Product Features

  • Features a 9-tone piano which is a mixture of animal sounds and different instruments
  • Lots of popular songs to choose from

Toddler Music Jukebox: 12 songs

Price: $1.75

Buy From

Toddler Music Jukebox is a big hit among many children. It is a music app for Kindle Fire that contains dozens of familiar songs such as Old McDonalds, Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Wheels on the Bus, and many others. This music app for Kindle Fire is designed so that even children who cannot yet read can easily select the song that they want to play. And they will surely enjoy singing along as the music is played.

Music App for Kindle Fire Product Features

  • Preloaded with dozens of classic and familiar children’s songs
  • With an option to play one music, play all and shuffle

These are just some of the popular music app for Kindle Fire that you can download to teach your child a lot of educational children’s songs. What’s good about these apps is that you can download them for less than two dollars, yet they are rich in features that can enhance your child’s learning and entertainment experience. These apps are really worth more than their price.

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Great Children’s Songs Albums for your Kindle Fire Music Cloud

Children  Songs Kindle Fire Music Cloud
Kindle Fire owners can now safely store music in the cloud through a Kindle Fire music cloud application called Amazon Cloud Player. You can readily download this application to your Kindle Fire for free. Once downloaded, you can simple shop for MP3 music in the app store and save them to the cloud for backup and listen to your music anytime, anywhere.

For parents, the Kindle Fire music cloud is really a great tool for storing an unlimited number of children’s songs. Kids are fond of listening to music especially children’s songs that can teach them different things from ABC, counting numbers, animals, shapes, and many more. If you install Kindle Fire music cloud, there will be no limit to the number of children’s songs that you can store. And your songs are safe because they are stored in the cloud. You can access your songs easily by a simple tap on your Kindle Fire.

To give you a glimpse of the children’s songs that you can save on your Kindle Fire music cloud, here are our top 6 choices of albums which contain some of the most entertaining and educational children’s songs for your kids.

Baby Beluga

Price: $9.49

Baby Beluga is a children’s music album by Raffi, a popular children’s entertainer. It is a famous album originally released in 1980 and now has a Kindle Fire version which can be downloaded to your Kindle Fire music cloud. This album contains 13 songs your kids will surely love including the famous Baby Beluga, Over in the Meadow, This Old Man, Kumbaya, and several others. Purchase this album and store it in your Kindle Fire music cloud and it’s guaranteed to entertain your kids and even adults.

Buy from (Price: $9.49)

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Great Selection of Interactive Books for Kids By Sandra Boynton

Many interactive books for kids now that are available in the app store are based on best-selling children’s books by renowned authors such as Jo Tobias-Hind, Lily Mabura, Sandra Boynton, and many others. Making their books available in e-book makes them more accessible and readable by younger children even for those who cannot yet read.

One of the popular authors whose works are now available for Kindle Fire is Sandra Boynton. She has written more than forty books for children that became so popular such as her best-selling Barnyard Dance which was originally published in 1993. The popularity of books by Sandra Boynton can greatly be attributed to their great stories and illustrations that can captivate every child’s imagination.

We have listed below four of Sandra Boynton books children will surely love. They are now available for download in the app store. These are really great interactive books, perfect for your kids.

1. Moo, Baa, La La La! – Boynton

Kindle Fire Interactive Book for KidsPrice: $3.99

Moo, Baa, La La La! is one of Boynton’s bestselling children’s books which is now available in Kindle app store. This interactive book for kids has all the good components of a traditional pop-up book but offers more lively interaction and nifty discoveries. Every page of this book is full of fun and excitement as animals make different sounds doing what they do. Plus kids will have a mission to accomplish too!


  • Improves kids’ reading skills as words are highlighted and repeated with a tap
  • Plays different animal sounds by simply touching them
  • Contains updated original illustrations from Sandra Boynton
  • With 2 reading options: “The Big Guy Reads It” or “I Want To Read It Myself”
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4 Must Haves Kindle Fire Interactive Book for Kids

Interactive book for kids are created for one special purpose:  to help children learn to read in a fun and more exciting way. Fun stories that children love come to life in every page of interactive book for kids. It is far from the passive book where they only see the pictures while mommy is telling them the story. Interactive book for kids are designed to be more interactive such as animals making sounds, characters talking and beautiful music playing in the background. These are just a few of the attributes that kids love about interactive books.

Interactive book for kids are perfect for kids who already know how to read and even those starting to learn. They get to enjoy an interesting story because of the added features these books have like the sound effects and great illustrations.

Having mentioned the benefits of interactive book for kids, we have listed below four of the must- have Kindle Fire interactive book for your kids. These books tell about heroes and animals which most kids already know.

1. PopOut! The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Interactive book for kidsPrice: $4.99

Parent and child will surely have a good bonding experience with PopOut! The Tale of Peter Rabbit interactive book for kids. It is based on the classic tale by Beatrix Potter with more than 50 pages of text and illustrations that will captivate every child’s imaginations. It is loaded with interactive features to keep children entertained as they explore and follow the adventures of the mischievous Peter Rabbit. This interactive book for kids has many delightful interactions that can feed every child’s imagination. They can make the bunnies giggle and wiggle by simply touching them or they can pull the tab to see more surprises.

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