Convert Kindle Fire to Baby music box

Kindle Fire Apps

“Baby Play MusicBox” App will convert your kindle fire to a portable music box toy for kids. It’s provides a world of musical fun that is the perfect size for your little one.

Your baby will hear fun sounds and beautiful melodies simply by tapping the pads.
It offers a unique fun and developing experience for your little one.

Amazon Price: $3.99

App design

This Kindle fire app has sleek design contains:

  • Nine vibrantly colored pads,
  • Easy to press, allows your baby enjoy by hearing musical sounds and pieces as he quickly learns numbers and colors.

kindle fire apps

Amazon Price: $3.99

Product Features

  • Funny screen.
  • sleek design.
  • 5 kid classic complete songs including lullabies.
  • 13 funny sounds and sound-effects.
  • Easy single-touch pressing pads for babies and kids.
  • Volume control using device volume control key.


More Information

  • Ages: 0-4
  • User instructions not needed.
  • Original Release Date: May 3, 2012
  • Amazon Price: $3.99