“Counting” is Kindle Fire App for Kids just learning their numbers

Kindle Fire Apps for Kids

Counting is a fun Kindle Fire Apps for Kids who are just starting to learn numbers and how to count. This app comes with easy-to-play game by touching the numbers when counting from 1 to 10. The numbers also comes with colorful objects like apples, clowns, and lady bird. There is also a cute character named Super dog along with cute and lovable characters, making the app a very interesting and fun game.

Product Features:

  • Teaches kids to count in a fun way
  • Very entertaining graphics
  • Well-suited for little kids

Amazon Price: $1.99

Age Recommendation: 2-4 years old


Our Review:

Counting is just a very basic Kindle Fire Apps for Kids. Do not expect more in this game other than basic counting activities. If you have little ones that are just starting to recognize numbers, this is a good app for them. However, be on the lookout for bugs too. There are quite a few bugs in this app that still need fixing.

Customer Reviews:

“This program is very basic with minor bugs so I feel it should not cost the $2 I paid for it, considering. The number tree is buggy. When you click on some numbers the bucket appears stuck and does not move so the numbered apple does not drop and it just repeats the number like a broken record if you keep clicking. The program wakes up eventually and the apple drops. They also have the beanstalk demo, which is free. I seem to like that better with the exception of humpty dumpty’s shattered head on the floor.” – AOD

Amazon Price: $1.99

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