Drawing App on Kindle: Animals Coloring Book

Kindle Fire Apps for Kids

Amazon Price:$1.49

The Animals Coloring Book will get kids entertained for hours. This drawing apps on Kindle Fire is very easy and features 18 coloring pages like turtles and eagles. It also provides very simple touch interface and provides all the details needed for kids to draw properly.

Our review

Your kids will never again color outside the lines! The Animals Coloring Book is a great learning development tool for kids. It offers 14 various categories of animals. All you have to do is to choose one image from a specified category to begin coloring. This drawing on the Kindle Fire app is very straightforward and easy to navigate. You can see an outline of animals with several crayons selection above the drawings. When it comes to erasing your work, it’s also easy! There is an easy-to-use eraser tool for you to undo your work. What is great in this drawing Kindle apps for kids is it offers 400 animal outlines. Your kids will never get bored using this app.

Amazon Price:$1.49


Customer reviews

“Excellent app. Kids love it. Works great on Kindle fire. Decent collection of images. No advertisements in app; it is a definite benefit makes it worth the couple bucks.” -TJ

“Animal Coloring Book is a program even the youngest child could find boring after having experienced the real, vibrant world of Crayola. The drawings to “color” appear drawn by a small child, and the color palette is limited. Options are slight.” –Joanna Frankel

Amazon Price:$1.49

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