Kindle Apps for Kids: Fairy Princess Preschool!

Kindle Fire Apps For Preschool Kids

The Fairy Princess Preschool is a good choice for your toddler or even for younger ones. Kids will absolutely love the fun-filled activities and the creative, colourful graphics. It has the fairy tale theme that also teaches learning and development to kids. It also comes with fun voice-over for kids that do not know how to read yet.

Some notable features include:

1. Selecting the right fruit colors

2. Counting animals like ducks and birds

3. Puzzles

4. Opposites and differences

Our review:

This game is very interactive and suits perfectly for young kids. But once your kids are done playing all games, they may find it very repetitive.

Amazon Price: $0.99

Recommended User Age: 1-3 years old

Users’ review:

“I would not recommend this app as it is. My 2 year old likes the graphics, but the sequences are the same each time and she already knows whats coming. Please update and add more variety and “levels”. It’s like a game with just one level over and over.” – Anonymous

“Cute for young kids or toddlers starting to learn, adorable graphics and characters, worth the price! Pleasant voice overs make it even better!” – Gumdrops