Kindle Fire: All You Need To Know About Parental Controls

Parental Control

After the hit invasion of smart phones, a new gadget is now gaining popularity in the market: the tablet. No questions asked, the iPad is by far, the most popular tablet around. However, everyone knows that Apple products are a bit pricey that not everyone can afford to have. Fortunately, there are now cheaper but great alternative tablets in the market. One to take note of is Amazon Kindle Fire – considered to be one of the tight competitors of Apple’s iPad.

Kindle Fire sells like hotcakes because it is less pricey, which only costs $199. In fact, it sold almost all its units last holiday season. In addition to this, not only is Kindle very popular to adults but more so to younger market.

A lot of parents bought the Amazon Kindle unit as a holiday present to their kids since the tablet offers cool apps for children and at the same time provides a lot of kid-friendly tools that younger consumers would love. More to this, the Kindle tablet also provides fun ways to promote learning and development among children as Amazon supplies great selection of interactive and colorful e-books for kids.

Kindle Fire VS iPad

However, despite the popularity, do not expect that Amazon Kindle is a perfect tablet. There are also some drawbacks that most users experience, like for example, problem in security purchases. If your kids would use the tablet, be cautious of them browsing online content, especially in Amazon store, where they can click on purchases that are not really needed.

Unlike the iPad, where you can set security password in every app purchase, the Kindle’s one-click button results to automatic purchasing. This means when accidentally clicked, it counts as purchased item. When you got little kids playing with your Kindle, they may click on products in the Amazon store that would lead you to having huge purchases in your credit card!

How To Avoid Accidental Purchases In Your Kid’s Kindle Fire

Fortunately, there is a solution for this problem. You may simply enter dummy credit card info in your Kindle account. You can assure that your kids would not make any accidental purchases online. To set-up a dummy credit card info:

1. Enter your complete name

2. Enter your complete address

3. Choose Visa for credit card type

4. In the credit info, instead of entering your credit card number, enter:  #411111111111111

How To Filter Content In Your Amazon Kindle

Another problem seen by most Kindle users is that online content is readily available to anyone, even to kids. There is no content filter settings found in the Amazon Kindle Fire. You may, however, use a filtration tool called Mobicip. This is a mobile web tool that provides safe web browsing, especially to younger users under 18.

Using Mobicip is easy. You can customize web browsing according to your preferred settings. With Mobicip privacy settings, you can let your kids browse the Internet without the worry of them visiting adult content websites.

The Kindle Fire do not have 3G feature, instead it access the Internet by Wi-Fi. If you do not want to install Mobicip, may also use OpenDNS, which also filters network connection. You may think OpenDNS is hard to install but it’s not. In fact, OpenDNS for Kindle Fire do not require any expert knowledge to set-up. It comes with easy click-on buttons that will guide you on how to successfully set-up OpenDNS. This software is available in both free (ad supported) and paid versions.

Once OpenDNS is successfully set-up, you can provide personalized messages on blocked sites. However, if you prefer not to block the entire domain or website, you may also opt for content filtering option. Instead of the whole domain censored, some content on the website will just be filtered. OpenDNS also allows Kindle users to set-up privileges to different devices which has access to the network. Just assign their IP address on the tool’s settings when network is set to static IP. If in case you have dynamic IPs, OpenDNS also has settings for that.

How To Set Wi-Fi Password In Your Kindle Tablet

If you are not comfortable installing or setting-up any privacy or security tools on your Kindle Fire as discussed above, then you may just turn the password on for Wi-Fi access. Unlike Mobicip and OpenDNS, setting the password on for Wi-Fi is pretty easy. Just follow the steps or options as instructed in your Kindle tablet. To do this:

1. Go to Settings

2. Find the section called “Restrictions”

3. On the required option, set your preferred password

4. Hit enter.

Remember that the password should not be the same as your Wi-Fi network password. Make sure that you choose a password that your kids will never know. Let your children enjoy the Kindle fire, and you enjoy the peace of mind.

Parental Controls Applications (Free)

You can find in the Amazon store many Apps that help parents to control the use of the Kindle Fire, some Parental Controls Apps has limited protection or comprehensive, these Apps are:

1- Kids Place – With Child Lock

Kids Place – With Child Lock” lets you create a new “homescreen” to control what apps are on it. You can also turn off web browsing and also prevents purchasing. You can control access to unauthorized apps using  PIN.

2- Kid Mode: Play + LearnKid Mode: Play + Learn

This app protects your phone by locking the Home button while engaging children ages eight and younger with fun, educational kids games and videos. The app requires internet access to records your child’s activities, You can get an e-mail showing your kids activities.

Photo Credit to Mr. Craighagan