Kindle Fire App: Learning to Draw is Fun

Kindle Fire Apps for Kids

Amazon Price: $1.99

This drawing app provides kids 20 different pictures with four easy steps to produce drawing templates. In addition, this drawing apps on Kindle Fire is very easy to use that even younger kids of 3 can enjoy. Kids can learn how to become little Rembrandt and Picasso in easy, fun ways. Learning to Draw is Fun offers 20 cute pictures including butterflies, snowman, flower, and cake. This app provides kids full color palette to create their very own masterpiece. Also, kids can share their finished artwork through Facebook and Twitter. They can also send their work via email.

Our review

This is a fun and addicting drawing on the Kindle Fire for kids! This Kindle apps for kids is best recommended for kids 3-6 years old. Kids are given 20 drawing options and are guided in just 4 easy steps. This means that when you choose a picture to be drawn, you are guided step-by-step until you are done with the final step (which is step 4). Just do not get disappointed during the whole drawing tutorial as when you are in the tutorial, the line instructions are set to black but will eventually fade to light blue when completed. This will guide young kids to which line to draw next. Overall navigation is very easy. Your kids can independently work on a specified drawing without you guiding them.

However, as much as we like the whole navigation for Learning to Draw is Fun, this app does not have the undo button to fix mistakes. The only way to undo a drawing or color is to go to the main menu and then proceed to the coloring option of the app. Once you opted for the coloring tab, you will have 18 colors and 6 thickness choices to choose from. But be very careful when you opt for this selection because once you did, the entire work you started will undo everything, and not just the last action.

The app has a lot of problems with delete and undo options. There is no way that one can switch quickly from coloring menu to drawing menu. Additionally, there is also no delete option available for drawings that you want to remove. Thus, the main concern here is once you consumed the space for your drawings, you may no longer create new artwork from this Kindle Fire apps for kids.

Amazon Price: $1.99

Customer reviews

“There are better drawing apps out there and the 20 sample drawings don’t bring enough to make this rise to the level of those.” –Anonymous

“This is a nice app for kids to learn to draw. I used it to see how well it worked. While it is OK I like a previous app named Drawing Pad better. I gave this app 3 stars because it does what is says it will do but it is not the best or most fun drawing app available. I also could not figure out how to erase my test drawings. I did not like the more games tab on the bottom of the screen that takes your child to one touch buying of the games designed by this company. You may wind up with more apps than you bargained for!” – Anonymous

Amazon Price: $1.99