Kindle Fire Apps for Kids: Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Kindle Fire Apps For Preschool Kids

This kindle fire applications for kids is about teaching kids colors, letters, numbers, shapes, differentiation and matching. This is a very interactive game with cute, lovable monkeys providing encouragement throughout the entire game. In addition, there are also available cartoon stickers as rewards for every game won.

The Monkey Preschool Lunchbox has 6 exciting games that include the following:

– Colors: Kids have to pick the right fruit of a certain color for this picky monkey. To do this, just touch the right color to pack the monkey’s lunchbox. This game teaches kids about colors, color names, and color grouping.

– Matching: Kids have to match the pairs of fruits hidden behind the cards. This game teaches focus and memory.

– Counting: Kids should count the fruits that the monkey is looking for to pack its lunch. This game teaches kids numbers and counting.

– Letters: Kids should pick the fruit that starts with the given letter. This game teaches kids letters and letter sounds.

– Puzzle: Here the monkey’s fruit broke into pieces. Kids should put back these pieces together. This game teaches about shapes and pattern recognition.

Our review:

One of the most addicting Kindle Fire apps for kids! Most users are addicted playing this game. Kids love this that they are all hooked up playing all 6 exciting games. This app is great to keep your kids busy while you are doing groceries or waiting for the doctor.

Just one downside for this app is the lack of options for your kids. This has not settings and does not track a kid’s right or wrong answers.



Amazon Price: $1.99

Recommended User Age: 2-5 years old

Users’ review:

“Monkey Preschool Lunchbox consists of various games from counting, matching, and puzzles. I have a 18 month old and a 4 year old have they have been playing it for ages. The games are randomized and once you complete a set you child can pick a sticker. Then the whole process starts over, so your child can collect a mountain of stickers.” – Philip

“Would be perfect if it had a child lock or remembered your game. My guy gets so excited he keeps hitting the home button and then gets upset.” – Megan