Kindle Fire Apps for Kids: ABC Owl Preschool

Kindle Fire Apps For Preschool Kids

The ABC Owl Preschool is a great app for learning ABCs. It comes with very interactive images plus a great voice-over work. This app lets your child compare various images based from the starting letters of the alphabet. Your child will have to pick the right letter based from the objects displayed. Some learning to expect in this Kindle Fire apps for kids include:

 – Learn ABC’s with colorful images and voice-overs

– Match the right images to each letter

– Engage with each page and enjoy the colorful graphics

Our review:

While this kindle fire applications for kids is a good start for learning ABCs and identifying simple words, do not expect your child to learn everything from this alone. There are a few disappointing factors that should be noted here including the phonics, which is a bit hard for a preschooler like for example, identifying “sh” (s blending with h) sound. In addition to this, there are also few images that are quite difficult to identify and most users find certain images very limited to their corresponding sounds like whether the words are pronounced with long e or short e.

Amazon Price: $0.99

Recommended User Age: 2-3 years old

Users’ review:

“If u want your kids to learn their ABCs properly then dont depend on an app that is meant as a game. Teach them yourself like parents are suppose to. By the way my two year old loves this Game!” –Anonymous

“Our children love this game! Teaches them word recognition in a fun series of minigames. To the reviewer who said pictures were mismatched, we walked our kids through the game and didn’t find that to be the case. Wonderfully designed game and keeps kids occupied which is more than most apps!” – Anonymous