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The Color & Draw for Kids app provides 50 exquisite drawings including animals, professions and landscapes. This app offers both black and white sketches and color drawing options. What differentiates this drawing app for kids is that unlike the traditional drawing, sketching or coloring, the Color & Draw for kids uses both the touch screen and interactive audio features that makes it more fun and easy to use for kids of all ages.

Expect to get stunning and beautifully designed springboard drawings, voice recorded invites, various color palette, multiple strokes, erasers and stickers. Each drawing in this kids app provides kids development skills in drawing as well as imagination. This drawing apps on Kindle Fire is also great in terms of exploring, engaging, and building their drawing skills. You do not have to worry about guiding your kids as the voice over instructions provides kids with guidance and independence.

Our review

Again, the Color & Draw for Kids is more than just your traditional and simple coloring book. This particular Kindle apps for kids provides kids with dozens of drawing pages, great backgrounds, vibrant color pallets, brushes, and so on. More to this, your kids will also have option to draw by themselves as well as draw over the photos taken with a digital camera. You may also use this drawing on the Kindle Fire app to practice your kids writing letters and numbers. This Kindle Fire apps for kids has the on-screen lined paper that is perfect to use for writing practice. The kids are also provided with either coloring the drawings or completing the drawings.

 Amazon Price: $0.99


Customer reviews

“Drawing pad is OK but cannot access coloring pages! Forces close eveytime. Please fix! Otherwise it looks like a good app for kids.” –YT

“App is ok. But title and description say it is for 7 inch tablet. Yet it works just fine on my phone. I think u are losing sales.” – Liki

Amazon Price: $0.99

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