Kindle Fire Apps for Kids: Magic Slate HD

Kindle Fire Apps for Kids

Amazon Price: $0.99

The Magic Slate HD provides users the pleasure of using slate minus the chalk dust. This app is specifically optimized for tablets and designed to look like the regular slate, blackboard or chalkboard but with added cool and great features. This drawing on the Kindle Fire app is a good choice for kids as it develops their creativity and imagination through HD drawing. This Kindle apps for kids has screen shot feature which lets kids take a picture of their own artwork to share with their friends.

Our review

If you are looking for something that is different from the others drawing Kindle Fire apps for kids, then you may want to consider the Magic Slate HD. This drawing apps on Kindle Fire lets your kids enjoy using the slate without the chalk dust. It is quite fun too as you get to experience using the slate in HD format. Your kids will truly practice their creativity and imagination by using several colored chalk pieces. The color background also changes from black board to chalk board. The Magic HD also has sharing feature, which lets kids take a photo of their own masterpiece to share with family and friends.

Amazon Price: $0.99

Customer reviews

“Demo picture is deceptive, chalk does not look like the real thing but still a nice app for the price.” –Anonymous

“Very beautiful design. The only thing that I find a little annoying about this app is it does not register a dot very well. You have to let your finger stay for a second or so or move it to have a dot.” –Anonymous

Amazon Price: $0.99

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