Mobicip Parental Controls For Kindle Fire

kindle fire parental control

Quite surprisingly, the Amazon Kindle Fire is one of the tablets out there in the market that’s gaining popularity these days. When it comes to tablets, most people think of the iPad first, however, that is not the case anymore. Currently, there are now a lot of iPad competitors emerging in the market, making competition tougher.

Amazon Kindle Fire: The Perfect Alternative To The iPad

The perfect example of iPad alternative is the Amazon Kindle, which is doing pretty good as its fan base is expanding rapidly. But as the increase in the number of users arises, so is the number of problems and complaints with Kindle grows. There are a lot of users’ issues that concern the Kindle tablet. However, do not get this the wrong way. The tablet is a good investment and you can definitely appreciate its features but nothing is perfect and there are flaws that will continue to exist, even when the tablet is already considered a must-have.

For every advantage, there is a sure downside to it. This is true with Amazon Kindle Fire’s ease of access and usability features. Most users love these features but to parents with kids, these features open up a way for foul play. Most parents complained that their kids have access to everything, even to adult content because of the fact that the tablet is extremely easy for any users, even to young audience.

Amazon Kindle Fire is so easy to use that access to the web like its app store is done in one-click process and without having to any enter password for online purchases. If you have kids, this could spell disaster! Your Amazon Kindle Fire will be in the hands of your curious kid, leaving him/her exposed to content that may not be suitable for your child’s age.

Mobicip For Kindle Users

But do not despair! Fortunately, there are a few solutions available in this kind of situation. Mobicip is a service used to filter contents accessed through a network. Mobicip has apps for various platforms like iOS but makers of Mobicip recently released the same application for Kindle Fire. Now Kindle users with kids do not have to worry anymore about kids’ exposure to adult content when using Kindle Fire.



Setting up Mobicip for Amazon tablet is really easy. Once you have created filters for a particular network and defined the age of the user, Mobicip will make sure that no mature content shows up on your Kindle tablet.

Additionally, Mobicip also supports the use of custom filters for Kindle Fire. This means that even if some content is not covered by the tool’s censorship settings, you can go to the settings in Mobicip and customize the setting by adding the site as an “exception”. This customized filter settings are then synced with the tool’s online servers and ensures a good and safe browsing experience for users of Kindle Fire. Mobicip can be downloaded from the Amazon app store or via the official Mobicip website. This filter tool is a must-have for parents with kids using the Kindle Fire.


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