Kindle Fire Apps for Kids: Toddler Counting Flashcards

Kindle Fire Apps for Kids

Another exciting and fun Kindle Fire counting App that teaches kids basic counting while flipping cards! This is also a great application to keep kids occupied all the time- just perfect when kids are waiting in the doctor’s office, in the car while driving, and even when shopping.

You may also enjoy the apps special feature, wherein kids are also included as narrators and teachers. Who would not love playing with other children? This Kindle Fire counting app provides 3 narrators- each helping children how to count. One of the narrators is an 11-year old, in case you prefer to get clear and crisp narration.

The settings also provide you to choose different narrators as well as navigation options in the app. You may also set the app to different fonts. Another extra feature of this app includes the narrator singing a short song at the end.

Amazon Price: $1.99

Age Recommendation: 2-6 years old

Product Features:

  • Gets kids hooked-up with counting in flashcards
  • Selection from 3 narrators to help kids count
  • Very easy app for kids

Our Review:

This Kindle Fire counting app helps kids count from 1 to 100, which makes it a perfect app for toddlers who have not attended school yet. Most kids do not know how to count numbers not until they are actually in daycare or pre-school. Thus, this app will definitely teach kids how to count before they even go schooling.

Additionally, kids are taught to develop their basic pre-school math easily by learning numbers, identifying numbers, as well as counting numbers. The app is made more fun with numbered flashcards accompanied with sounds.

The app also comes with cute baby’s voice-over that says the numbers out loud. Proper pronunciation is also taught in this fun-learning app for kids!

Amazon Price: $1.99

Customer Reviews:

“My kid played this flashcards over and over and now can count. I like the incremental feature so my child can learn to count higher as he grows. Pretty soon he’ll be counting to 100 from using this app.”- Mother May I

“The pronunciation by the toddlers seems to be there to display their cuteness. The 11 year old speaks really well and clear. In the settings you can select a different narrator. Daijah pronounces all words clearly/perfectly.” – DailyShopper Tony

This demo of the use of the app on the iPhone and it completely same in Kindle Fire

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