Dora Movies & Books on Kindle Fire for Kids

Kindle Fire Movies for Kids

There are quite a lot of Dora the Explorer books and movies, and now you can get some of them on your Kindle Fire for kids. We reviewed a few of the available Kindle Fire for kids ebooks as well as a couple of movies which will be available on your Kindle Fire very soon! Have a look and see what your kids can get from these fun adventures.


Dora is a great role model for all kids, but especially for girls. She is brave and adventurous, and she can teach kids a lot about having fun safely in a world that needs to be taken care of.


Count with Dora! – eBook

Learning to count is something that can be incredibly fun for kids – if they have the right inspiration. If your kids love Dora, then this Kindle Fire for kids book is perfect for helping them to learn to count.

Kindle Fire book for kids

• This is the ebook version of the popular counting book with Dora the Explorer.
• Educational and fun for kids.

 Buy from Amazon – Price: $3.99

Dora’s Bedtime Adventures – Book

Of all the things a child can be afraid of or anxious about, going to bed can be one of the most frustrating. With a little help from Dora and Boots, your child can be reminded that going to bed is something that everyone does, and there’s no need to be afraid or to resist this nightly adventure.

Kindle Fire eBooks for Kids

• Dora and Boots teach kids about getting ready for bed.
• Helps your child get excited for bedtime.

 Buy from Amazon – Price: $7.99

What Will I Be? Dora’s Book About Jobs

Kids enjoy hearing about many options. In this Kindle Fire for Kids ebook, Dora and Boots do a great job of explaining the various professions in a way that makes kids excited about finding their own passion or interests.

kindle fire ebooks for kids

• Inspiring female character getting excited about all of her future professional options.
• A fun way to think about choosing a profession.

 Buy from Amazon – Price: $3.99

Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Explorer Girls

Dora and her friends go out together to a concert, but lose their tickets before the big day. The girls donate to a charity and have to go on an adventure to find their tickets just in time for the concert. For children who are getting a bit bigger, this version of Dora has a different story to tell.

Kindle Fire Movies for Kids

• Nickelodeon presents a slightly more grown up version of Dora in this Kindle Fire for kids movie.
• Some lessons about sticking with your girlfriends and staying safe.

Buy from Amazon – Price: $13.49


Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Rescue in Mermaid Kingdom

Dora and Boots travel under the sea to go back to Mermaid Kingdom in this Kindle Fire for kids movie. They rescue Benny from Coconut Island and have exciting adventures that feature a thriving and beautiful undersea world.

Kindle Fire Movies for Kids

• Dora as a mermaid and Boots with flippers.
• A little over an hour long.
• Fun times in an underwater world full of life.

Buy from  Amazon – Price: $14.99


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