Great Selection of Interactive Books for Kids By Sandra Boynton

Many interactive books for kids now that are available in the app store are based on best-selling children’s books by renowned authors such as Jo Tobias-Hind, Lily Mabura, Sandra Boynton, and many others. Making their books available in e-book makes them more accessible and readable by younger children even for those who cannot yet read.

One of the popular authors whose works are now available for Kindle Fire is Sandra Boynton. She has written more than forty books for children that became so popular such as her best-selling Barnyard Dance which was originally published in 1993. The popularity of books by Sandra Boynton can greatly be attributed to their great stories and illustrations that can captivate every child’s imagination.

We have listed below four of Sandra Boynton books children will surely love. They are now available for download in the app store. These are really great interactive books, perfect for your kids.

1. Moo, Baa, La La La! – Boynton

Kindle Fire Interactive Book for KidsPrice: $3.99

Moo, Baa, La La La! is one of Boynton’s bestselling children’s books which is now available in Kindle app store. This interactive book for kids has all the good components of a traditional pop-up book but offers more lively interaction and nifty discoveries. Every page of this book is full of fun and excitement as animals make different sounds doing what they do. Plus kids will have a mission to accomplish too!


  • Improves kids’ reading skills as words are highlighted and repeated with a tap
  • Plays different animal sounds by simply touching them
  • Contains updated original illustrations from Sandra Boynton
  • With 2 reading options: “The Big Guy Reads It” or “I Want To Read It Myself”


2. Barnyard Dance! – Boynton

Kindle Fire for kidsPrice: $0.99

Barnyard Dance-Boynton is an interactive book for kids with lively entertainment. It is a musical version of Barnyard Dance! which is listed as Bestselling  Children Books of All Time by Publishers Weekly’s. Expect to hear more rhyme and rhythm and see quirky illustrations and animations of Sandra Boynton stuffed animals in this book. Kids can easily let the farm animals do their moves while a country band is playing Michael Ford’s “Barnyard Square Dance” in the background. There is really so much fun in store for children in this book.


  • Helps improve reading skills
  • 2 Reading options available: “The Big Guy Reads It” or “I Want to Read it Myself”
  • Kids can touch, tap and pull the animals to let them join in a very entertaining square dance
  • Contains new animations and updated original illustrations
  • With original instrumental country tune


3. The Going to Bed Book – Boynton

Kindle Fire for kidsPrice: $0.99

For children who are reluctant to go to sleep, this Sandra Boynton book set is a perfect bedtime story for them. In this interactive book for kids there are several exercises and fun things children can do to wind them off to sleep. There are teeth to brush, exercise sessions with pajama-clad animals, and more. The animals in the book easily respond by simple touch, tap or pull so children will have an easy time letting the animals move.


  • Offers fun and interactive experience to children as they can easily make animals and objects move
  • With realistic page turning interactions


4. Blue Hat, Green Hat – Boynton

Kindle Fire for kidsPrice: $3.99

Follow the adventures of the three earnest animals and one misguided turkey as they learn colors and clothes in this Sandra Boynton book set. Each page is filled with surprises, interactivities, and superb animations which can excite your kids.


  • Teaches kids how to read and pronounce words properly
  • With wonderful narration, sounds and music
  • With 2 reading options: “The Big Guy Reads It” and “I want to read it myself”