Why Kindle Fire For Kids Is A Child-Friendly Tablet

Probably one of the primary factors that made Amazon Kindle Fire tablet so popular in the market is the fact that the Amazon tablet is also a Kindle Fire for kids tablet. With its 7-inch size alone, the tablet is perfect for kids to comfortably hold and grasp with their own hands. More to that, Kindle also offers lots of interactive e-books which include color titles, videos, music, games, apps, and also a working web browser.

This post shall enumerate why Amazon’s Kindle is considered to be a great Kindle Fire for kids tablet. If you are looking for the perfect gift to give your child, below are good reasons to get Amazon Kindle for your kids:

Kid-friendly features

Kindle’s hardware alone is very child-friendly. As said earlier, the Kindle Fire for kids is a bit smaller than the iPad. The 7-inch tablet is ideal for kids, even younger than 5 years old since the smaller and lighter the tablet is the easier for kids to hold and manage it.

Also the Kindle kids pretty much has a good, working touch screen, which at the same time is also designed to be scratch resistant—perfect for little ones and very reassuring for parents in cases where the tablet gets bumped and dropped somewhere (There are a lot of features).

Interactive content

If you would like your kids to learn how to read or appreciate books at a very young age, then Kindle Fire for kids is a must-try. This tablet is designed to be very interactive wherein kids can enjoy fun e-books, audio books, music, videos, and even TV shows in vibrant colors.

Kindle Fire for kids freebies

Recently, Amazon announced that they offer about a thousand kid’s books and most of these e-books have never been available on Amazon Kindle before. In addition to this, Amazon also features their public library which offers free reading to all of their Amazon Prime members.

The Kindle Fire for kids also offers a huge library of instant videos and TV shows. Parents can choose from a wide list of TV shows and movies which are categorized for different age groups. You can find movies and TV shows for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and even teens.

Parental control

What concerns a lot of parents is the fact that most web-enabled tablets don’t really suit younger kids since they can also have access to adult content. Luckily, the Kindle Fire for kids responded to this particular concern.

Parents can readily set parental controls for adult-content purchases as well as turn off the one-click purchasing feature on the Amazon Kindle. More to that, the Kindle kids software version 6.2.1 has the password setting feature, wherein parents can set password to enable network access. Kids won’t be able to browse the web or even make purchased without the password.

Very affordable

For a low price of $199, you get Amazon Kindle and have all these great features. This price is not actually bad considering that the tablet is way cheaper than the basic iPad, which costs around $499. For the price of a basic iPad, you can actually have two Fire tablets and still have money left to buy your tablet apps, music or ebook.