Alphabet Car: Kindle Fire Spelling Game for Kids

Kindle Fire Games for kids

Alphabet Car is a spelling app for kids that is very interactive. This is an innovative game that makes learning letters and words super fun. Your kids will be engaged using their eyes, ears, and hands. It comes with 5 mode options to assess the difficulty level for kids: Preschool, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert. The first mode provides 1-2 letters, appropriate for younger kids while the difficult modes provide 6-letter words. Aside from the different mode options, there are also 6 stages that need to unlock as the game progresses.

Product Features

  • Interactive letters, words, and spelling
  • Over 40 levels
  • Increase car speed option for challenge
  • Can customize  car when levels are unlock
  • Comes with stunning 3D graphics and upbeat music

Amazon Price: $1.99
Alphabet Car - Baby Cortex

Our Review

This app is perfect for young boys. Most parents find this spelling game very helpful in teaching boys how to recognize and spell words. When it comes to spelling and words, most parents find it hard to teach their little boys how to concentrate in learning and developing their language and reading skills. This app would be a great help to fix this problem. With cars and speed challenge option found in this game, kids will get hooked to playing this app while at the same time learning new words and spellings.

Amazon Price: $1.99

Customer Reviews

“We just got our Kindle Fire and were looking for some good educational apps for our 5 & 6 year old boys to use on it. This is an excellent app. Our oldest son was recently diagnosed as dyslexic and has struggled with speech and reading difficulties. I watched him play with this app and on his own he was saying the letters as he used the steering wheel to “catch” each letter with the bus to form a word. Any app that will help him to learn and say his letters and words is worth it to me and both of our kids had a blast playing the game! They loved getting to “drive” the bus. It’s always great to find a game that’s a good combination of fun and education. Well done.”- Anonymous

Amazon Price: $1.99

Alphabet Car - Baby Cortex

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