“Count-A-Licious ” game for Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire Games for Kids

Is yet another Kindle Fire Counting Games that is fun and teaches kids counting and number recognition. The Count-A-Licious provides 4 different games including: 1. Number Show; 2. Counting Game; 3. Tracing Game; 4. Treasure Crits.

The Number Show introduces kids counting from number 1 to 20. This Kindle Fire Counting Games encourages kids to count out loud and comes with dancing graphics and music. The Counting Game lets kids tap and count objects. Tracing Game on the other hand, provides the first exposure to number writing through tracing with fingers. All 4 games come with rewards at the end of each game, where kids can play with an interactive pet called “treasure crits”.

Amazon Price: $0.99

Age Recommendation: 18 months- 3 years old

Product Features:

  • Teaches number recognition
  • Teaches number sequence and quantity
  • Teaches writing numbers
  • Comes with awards to every achievement

Our Review:

Count-A-Licious is quite a very addicting Kindle Fire Counting Games. Toddlers would really enjoy this game while learning the basics of counting and numbers. The game comes with colorful and cute graphics, well-suited for little ones. If you are looking for a perfect game that will teach your little one the basics in math, this game is what you are looking for.

Amazon Price: $0.99

Customer Reviews:

“My son who just turned 3 played this over and over since we first got it. It has really cute graphics, especially in the counting game. I like the tracing game too because it’s really smooth and easy to trace the numbers and gives him the chance to practice. I’m so happy I found this app because I was having such a hard time teaching him how to count things. He just totally refused to even try. But then yesterday I was watching him and he lined up a bunch of cups and started counting out loud out of the blue! I think he was so used to playing the app over and over it started to just click with him.” – Jennifer Moore

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