kindle Fire Spelling Game: Spell That! Animals

spelling Game for kindle fire

Spell That! Animals teaches kids letters and spelling words of 26 animals. This is fun and easy to play game for kids, wherein a kid chooses a letter from the given scrambled letters and then match it to the name of the animal. Every time a correct answer is given, the hand-drawn animal gets euphorically excited. This is a perfect spelling app for Kindle Fire to younger kids who are just starting to recognize words and letters. Kids will certainly be delighted with the fun and creative illustrations, colorful graphics as well as exciting sounds. This game is so much fun that kids won’t even realize that they are learning!

Product Features

  • Teaches kids letters and animal names
  • Introduction to 26 animals that are all hand-drawn artistically
  • Fun, entertaining, and  colorful graphics with matching sounds
  • Music and effects can be turned on and off
  • Spelling app comes in easy, medium, and hard settings

Amazon Price: $1.29

Our Review

This spelling game for kids is great for kids who are just starting to learn words and recognize images. They are given 26 animals to learn in the most fun and easy way. The creative hand-drawn illustrations, music, sound effects, as well as colorful graphics all help a lot in making Spell That! Animals a fun way to learn first letters and words.

However, users should not expect more in this app. This spelling app is just as good as what the product overview and features describe; nothing more. Since this app is so easy to navigate, controls are very limited and learning words are just as good as recognizing the first letter of the given animal illustration.

Customer Reviews

“Really well done. Kids love it!” – Eric

“Just ok. Not enough words to spell.” –Shaun

“Great game….totally perfect…3year old loves it!!!” –Anabel

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