Kindle Fire Games for Kids: Fairytale Preschool

Kindle Fire Preschool Apps

This game is about a fun journey of Alice and her friends. The game consists of 4 different fun-filled activities with some learning and abstract thinking development skills for kids. The 4 games consist of:

– Matching game with fun animals in fairytale forest

– Colors: Guess all the colors correctly in a game with Alice

– Puzzles: Put together the puzzle shapes

– Opposites: Discover which object doesn’t belong in a classic game of opposites and comparisons

Our review:

If you are looking for a game that would somehow familiarize your kids to learning the classical fairytales like Alice in Wonderland, then this Kindle Fire apps for kids is not what you want. Although it is named “Fairytale Preschool”, the app is more of a compilation of puzzles and number games. This kindle fire applications for kids is best used when you want your kids to learn the basics of counting, recognizing colors, and simple word spelling.  This app also comes with different difficulty levels, where your child can enjoy and master the entire game and at the same time make gradual improvements in their learning.

This game is pretty easy but lacks vocal instructions important for non-readers. So if you have kids that do not know how to read yet, you should guide them with text instructions for them to play the game.

Amazon Price: $0.99

Recommended User Age: 2-3 years old


Users’ review:

“I have to admit, I only got this one for my daughter because I love Alice. The graphics are very cute. The puzzles are a bit simple for my 3-year-old and her 4-year-old cousin, but they did enjoy them. It does need a bit more content as they finished everything very quickly. A little more content and this one would be a 5-star.” –Dena

“My 2 year old daughter really likes this game. Some of the activities are a little advanced for her, but he puzzles and opposite games are great for her age group.” –Sarah