Kindle Games For Kids: My First Puzzles

Kindle Fire Apps For Preschool Kids

This game is perfect to keep your little ones busy. It has great, colorful graphics with cute sound effects. The game consists of wacky dog, snuggy kitty, and fearsome lion. It has all 14 puzzles that feature cute animals. The game app is very easy with easy touch controls, slowly revealing the full picture.

Our review:

My First Puzzles is an app that is equivalent to the wooden puzzles for kids. This is a game that teaches kids problem-solving skills and then offers rewards for every correct decision. It comes with cute sounds like a bell chimes for every correctly placed puzzle and a round of applause for every finished puzzle. This Preschool app is a good idea to keep kids occupied when you want them to.

Amazon Price: $1.99

Recommended User Age: 2-6 years old

Users’ review:

“Just downloaded this and my 3 year old just finished all the puzzles. She loved it. She wanted to keep going but I said lets take a break. great app for kids.” –Lamexcuse

“My 3 year old blew through all the puzzles in less than 10 minutes. She’s no prodigy. This is a game for 2-3 year olds. The puzzles have very few pieces and there is no variations available (no difficulties, no other sets without purchasing other games, no letter or numbers added). Just 14 3-6 piece wood puzzles.” – Mike