Amazon’s Kids Kindle: A Practical Investment

kindle books for kids

Today, digital technology is not just popular; it has become part of everyone’s lifestyle. And because digital technology is considered to be a necessity these days, mediums like cellular phones, laptops, and tablets have also become a lot more affordable than ever.

If you have kids, it would be but practical to invest and give them something that teaches them about digital technology. You will be surprised that there are a lot of gadgets today that are designed for kids as well.

Like for example, the Amazon’s Kids Kindle. This is a child-friendly tablet that promotes digital awareness and educational learning to young children (even as young as 3 years old). In fact, the Kindle Kids has been so hot in the market these days as parents love the way the tablet is specifically designed to the needs of their kids. Here are a few good reasons why Kids Kindle is considered to be a practical investment:


One of the main concerns of parents is that kids can have access to all kinds of content online. Thus, some parents are afraid to give their kids wifi-enabled gadgets. But with Kindle Kids, you do not have to worry about this anymore.

The Kids Kindle has password-enabled feature on wifi access or even to one-click purchases of Amazon. This way, parents are assured that their kids will not have internet access or even access to Amazon store when password is set on. This feature is great to parents who have 3-year old kids and who can click on any product with their itchy fingers.

Develops faster reading

The Amazon Kindle for kids is most loved by adults and kids alike because it is a good tablet for reading books. With children, Amazon has a lot of kids books on kindle that are very conversational. It has colorful books with nice graphics, and even books with music playing in the background.

The Kids Kindle is a must for parents who are looking for better ways to teach their kids how to read and appreciate literature. There are also options where parents can increase the size of the text so it can easily be readable.

Access free kids books on kindle and more

Amazon Kids Kindle has quite a large selection of free kids books on kindle, apps, music and videos. More than just a good tablet for reading children’s books, you can save on purchases as the Kindle Fire already supplies you with thousand more freebies, all downloadable or can stream online. If you are a Prime member, you also enjoy new books as well as best-selling ebooks on Amazon library for free.

$199 investment

For a very affordable price of $199, parents do not have to think twice about purchasing Kids Kindle. This price is already a good deal, especially with all the child-friendly features the tablet has. With its low price (and much lower than Apple’s iPad), it would not really hurt anyone’s pocket. There would not be any further risk in purchasing Kindle for kids, only a “missed” chance of all its great features if you do not purchase one.

Photo Credit to kodomut