Highly Rated Kindle Fire Word Games and Apps

When is the best time to teach a kid to read? This is one question which has no definite answer. Some parents start teaching their kids to read even before they turn one while other parents prefer to wait till their kids are a bit older. Regardless of what age parents start teaching their children to read, the ultimate goal is for them to learn reading as it is one of the foundations of academic success.

In teaching kids to read, parents can use books, flash cards, visual aids, and even gadgets. Kindle Fire is one of the most popular gadgets among parents because of its many advantages. It is very handy and you can install as many Kindle Fire educational apps in it. But the tough job for parents is in deciding which Kindle Fire education apps to install.

If you are using Kindle Fire as a leaning tool, your kids’ learning experience will largely depend on the Kindle Fire educational apps that you install. And with hundreds of Kindle Fire educational apps available in its app store, it’s really hard to make a choice. To help you, we have come up with a list of highly rated Kindle Fire educational apps.

1. Words for Kids (Games)

Kindle fire games for kidsPrice: $1.24 

Words for Kids is one of the most basic of Kindle Fire educational apps. It helps kids master the commonly used words for kindergarten through third grade. It combines fun and interactive games to help kids learn and retain what they have learned.

Great Features

  • Teaches kids to read and write common English words
  • Helps parents identify problem words through progress report

2. Happi Reads – A Learn to Read Game for Kids (Games)

Kindle fire games for kidsPrice: $1.00

This app is perhaps one of the simplest yet effective Kindle Fire educational apps especially for beginning readers. Players should match out the word with the correct picture by sounding out or reading each word. The level of difficulty increases as level progresses. Currently, this app has three levels and 80 words.

Great Features

  • Helps develop reading skills in a fun way
  • With entertaining background music and artwork

3. Gopher Finding: Sight Words (Games)

Kindle fire games for kidsPrice: $0.99

Another popular app among the many Kindle Fire educational apps for kindergarten through third grader is the Gopher Finding. It is a sight word game that contains 217 sight words and 16 high frequency words. Players will have to answer the questions correctly to collect the different dress-up collection to dress up the gopher. This is one of the best Kindle Fire educational apps that you can get for less than a dollar.

 Great Features

  • Helps kids practice sight words in four different levels (kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade) plus another level for high frequency words
  • Includes progress report for parents

4. I Can Read With My Eyes Shut! – Dr. Seuss

Kindle fire Apps for kidsPrice: $3.99

I Can Read With My Eyes Shut! is an interactive book for kids with three available reading options to enhance your kids’ learning experience. Kids can opt to listen to the narrated story, read each page personally, or play the story like a movie. This is one of the Kindle Fire educational apps parents shouldn’t miss getting for their kids.

Great Features

  • There are three ways to read this book: Read to Me, Read It Myself, or Auto Play
  • With professional narration and colorful illustrations from Dr. Seuss
  • Kids can touch the image and the word will pop-up

With these Kindle Fire educational apps, teaching your kids to read is now possible wherever you are.

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