Is Kindle Fire Price Worth Of Its Features?

kindle fire pricePriced at $199 and tagged as “the second iPad killer”, is Amazon’s kindle fire price worth it? We are all aware that these days spending money for a gadget has become more practical than ever. This means that it would not be just enough to get bargain price for a tablet but moreover, it is significantly important for us consumers to weigh if the tablet we are about to buy is all worth the money we will spend for it.

After several months of its release in the market, how does Kindle Fire do overall? You may have already read several negative Kindle reviews online. But take note that most of these Kindle reviews compare the device to the Ipad when it is obvious that it’s no iPad.

The Amazon Kindle Fire will always fall short to the iPad. It does not cater to million applications, take photos, setup video conference, or even used to create content.  Looking at the size, it is smaller and more compact than the iPad. It has a 7-inch screen and is much chunkier than you can expect.

However, if you are the kind of person who is budget-conscious or someone who is looking to buy his first tablet, the kindle fire price may be worth a shot. For best kindle price of $199, even with all the fuss about the tablet, you won’t even feel bad buying one. Compared to the iPad’s $499 price tag, Amazon did an amazing job cutting down its kindle fire price to $199- an amount that is not even half the price of an iPad. Considerably, with $499 budget, you can buy two Kindle Fire tablets and still have some money left to download apps or movies.

What is good about the Kindle Fire price?

If you love reading, then the Kindle Fire is the right choice for you. You may use this tablet when reading in bed. What’s more is that you can read any kind of book you want from a list of books available at Amazon store.

If you are not that tech-savvy, the Kindle Fire is an easy, no hassle tablet where you can set up Gmail, Facebook and Netflix easily.  And with the Kindle Fire Price of $199, you also get to have great preloaded digital content from Amazon. You can find preloaded ebooks, apps, games, music, and videos within a breeze since navigating on Kindle Fire is easier. Everything is arranged neatly under the appropriate tab in the Fire’s media browser.

If you love all the preloaded content on your Fire Kindle, you will definitely love the tablet more with its free cloud integration and streaming. The Kindle Fire tablet already offers 8GB of space but users do not need to store a lot on their Fire’s internal memory when they can already stream most of the content online.

The verdict for Kindle Fire Price of $199

It is no question that the iPad still remains to be the number one in tablets. But the Kindle Fire is one tablet that entertains and is simply amazing. This Amazon tablet may not be the iPad killer at the moment, but it is the first tablet that can do almost similar functions at best kindle price of $199.