Kindle Fire Competitors

Kindle fire for kids

Everyone knew that when it comes to the best tablet in the market, it is always the iPad by Apple. The first launch of this tablet is already a success and even though there are a lot of good and new tablets around, the iPad still dominates. This success by Apple is the main reason that folks over in Cupertino were quick to push out their next version of tablet— the iPad 2. But before taking this discussion any further, let us take a look at exactly what a tablet is and what are its practical uses.

A tablet, which is based around the concept of “window to the world of cyber wonders”, works pretty much like a book. For Amazon Fire Kindle, this concept is its basis in design and functionality. The Kindle Fire tablet is developed specifically to be able to read books (in digital format) with ease.

Kindle Fire, Galaxy Note, SuperNova: What Do They Have In Common?

Everything in Kindle Fire tablet- shape, design, and function- looks and works like a book. While people might argue otherwise, in actuality, the Fire Kindle tablet is different compared to the iPad and other similar tablets. Amazon’s Kindle cannot wholly be compared to other smaller tablets of its size. We know that comparison in tablets is usually based on their size. However, the Kindle Fire is best suited to a whole new category of tablets, which is tablets that are categorizes as a combination of a smartphone and a tablet. Examples of these tablets include the Samsung Galaxy Note and SuperNova 8”.

Most competitors of Kindle tablet are in the eight-inch range, wherein the focus is more on portability. However, the smaller tablets category is not entirely ruled by Amazon’s Fire tablet because there are now new tablets emerging in this line as well. Moreover, Apple does not let themselves stay on one zone unchallenged. The company continually develops products in almost every line of gadgets.

Right now, the Amazon Fire has become one of the strongest competitors of the iPad and iPad2. But there are already rumors that Apple is planning to release a gadget that would counter Amazon’s Fire- the iPad Mini. Although nothing has been confirmed, the launch of the iPad Mini is sure to spell another tough competition not only for Kindle Fire but for other tablets under the same category.

Kindle Fire, Nook Color

There is another competitor in the field of tablets for children, it is Nook Color. Technical comparison between them will be in favor of Amazon, but when the comparison between them be according to kids need and use, there will be a lot of detail that can be discussed. We have published a detailed report entitled “Nook Color VS Kindle For Kids“.

What Tablet To Buy?

But let us skip from this rumors and move forward to knowing more the direct rivals of Kindle tablet. Take the SuperNova as an example. It has a form that is pretty similar to Fire Kindle. In addition to having the same look and feel like the Kindle, SuperNova has some points in its favor, making it a logically better alternative to Kindle Fire. The SuperNova comes with an 8-inch screen and runs on Android 2.3. It has access not only to the Amazon store but also to the Android market. The processing power of SuperNova is 1GHz and it can run most apps available for Android with efficiency and without much hindrance.

The best advantage of Fire Kindle over SuperNova is its battery life. SuperNova does not have longer battery life as Kindle’s. In addition, SuperNova’s display resolution is pretty good too, although the end result displayed by Amazon Fire is better. When it comes to choosing which tablet to choose, it generally comes down to price and availability as both the SuperNova and Amazon Fire are closely matched.

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