Kindle For Children: Buyer’s Guide

Kindle Fire Buyers Guide

Still looking for a child-friendly tablet? You may consider looking at Amazon’s Kindle for kids. This 7-inch tablet is not just for adults but for kids too. So if you are still undecided on which tablet to buy for your kids, this article will provide you with an overview of Kindle for children and how it suits young kids, even as young as 3 years old.

1. Good for reading e-books.

The Kindle for children is a very good e-book reader. It has kid-friendly features and options to enhance your kid’s reading experience. You may opt to enlarge the texts on the screen to make texts very easy to read. At the same time, there are a lot of available books for kids. What’s more is that these Kindle childrens books are very interactive. Kindle Fire e-books for kids have great illustrations, moving graphics, and even background music to accompany one’s reading.

2. Very readable at night time.

Not only is the Kindle for children perfect for your kids in terms of developing their reading and comprehension, but moreover the Amazon Kindle for kids works great, even at night time. Kids can still read clearly even at night as there is an option to turn the text to white and the background to black, which makes the tablet’s LCD not too bright to the eyes.

3. Good web browser experience.

If your kids are into browsing the web, the Kindle for children is not that bad. Amazon’s Silk, the browser for Kindle, makes web browsing faster as if you are using a regular laptop. Now, kids can also enjoy streaming music and videos on their Kindle kids tablet. In addition, kids can also open multiple tabs at the same time they are listening to music. The speed won’t affect much even if you do multiple tasks in your Amazon Kindle for children.

4. More perks for Amazon Prime members.

Aside from the freebies (free books, music, videos, and apps) that are already loaded in the Kindle for children tablet, you can also enjoy additional freebies when you become an Amazon Prime member. Users are given one free e-book a month to download via Amazon’s library. Besides that members can also borrow Kindle childrens books (roughly around 5400 titles available) for free. And the list does not include the 100 NY Times bestsellers yet!

5. Free cloud storage.

The downside for Kindle Fire is that it does not have 3G. But this won’t bother you much if you’re not the kind of person who travels a lot (and on places without WIFI). You may, however, enjoy the free cloud storage for Kindle kids tablet. Whenever there is wireless internet connection available, you can have access to online content and at the same time enjoy free could storage, which is btw, very advantageous to people who love to have a lot of ebooks, music, videos, and apps. You do not have to worry about consuming memory space for all these content. Instead, you can store everything on your Amazon cloud storag