Montessori Words: Kindle Fire Apps for Kids

Kindle Fire Apps for Kids

Montessori Words is a great learning foundation for kids. If you want your kids to develop their reading, writing, and spelling skills then this spelling app is what you are looking for. It has building words feature that accommodates a set of 320 word-image-audio-phonics combinations. This app uses phonics-enabled movable alphabet and at the same time features different levels of difficulty from level 1 to level 3.

This app may seem very educational; however, it also has all the fun features kids would definitely enjoy like sounds, animations, and interactive visual effects (which are displayed after every completed word). Kids can also choose from capital, lower case, or cursive letter display for added challenge. Additionally, Montessori Words also allows open-ended activities for kids who want to learn letters.

Amazon Price: $1.99

Montessori Crosswords -  Spelling With Phonics-Enabled Alphabet - L'Escapadou

Product Features

  • 320 word-image-audio-phonics combinations for kids 3 to 8 years old
  • Phonics-enabled movable alphabet
  • 42 letter sounds and phonics combinations
  • 21 fun and colorful interactive visual effects for completed words
  • Comes with animations and sounds to create a fun and enjoyable experience


Our Review

If you are looking for a fun app that will seriously teach your kids English and Spelling subjects, then Montessori Words is your best pick. This spelling app teaches kids 2 fundamental concepts: (1.) Understanding of words through sounds and phonemes (phonemic awareness); and (2.) Phonics memorization through association of letters. In the Montessori Words, the first concept is done by letting kids touch the empty rectangles where letters must be dragged to complete the given word as well as hear the sounds of the corresponding letter. For the second concept, kids should touch each letter to hear the associated phonic.

This spelling app also allows kids to select their difficulty level, which has a total of 3 levels. Level 1 displays a 3-letter word, very appropriate for beginners. For level 2 and 3, these levels provide complex phonics (in long vowels sounds or blends). Also, this app features 44 sound categories (like long K, and so on) that kids can choose from.

Amazon Price: $1.99

Montessori Crosswords -  Spelling With Phonics-Enabled Alphabet - L'Escapadou

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