Review Of Kindle Fire Tablet

Kindle FireThe 7-inch Kindle Fire tablet by Amazon, despite the recent fuss about its inability to compete with the iPad, has been considered as Amazon’s most successful gadget yet. Beyond the reports of the product’s certain lacking features, the Kindle Fire surprisingly favored by most consumers who bought it. In fact, many who bought are more satisfied with the $199 they spent for the tablet as compared with the near $500 for an entry-level iPad.

Pilot Success Of Kindle Fire Tablet

With the growing number of consumers buying Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet, one analyst believes that the product can sell up to 6 million units before the year ends. However, despite the recent sales success of Amazon with Kindle, there are still people who doubt the gadget. Quite notably, this device is a 1.0 device and it won’t be any surprise at all that the hardware-software combo is still not yet perfect. It would also be very important to note that most of these naysayers do not favor the gadget and they do not have the Amazon membership experience that is a major key to the Kindle Fire’s appeal.

How To Gauge Reviews Of Kindle fire

When reading reviews of Kindle, it would be good that you read reviews from those who actually bought the unit and not from gadget reviewers or people who only tried to use the device for reviews. When you search online for consumer reviews, you will notice that most people who bought Amazon’s Kindle Fire favored the tablet than Apple’s iPad or the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet. Of course, there are flaws with the Amazon’s Kindle but most of their negative feedbacks are minor revisions that could be mended after. And Amazon heard all these feedbacks that they promised to update their software in a few weeks.

In fact, Amazon already has a list of product deficits that they can improve. These include uncontrollable carousel, poorly designed Amazon Prime movie selection, sluggish Operating System, and also small fonts. In addition to this, Amazon happily announced that all these defects can be easily fixed with software update.

When reading reviews on the new Kindle, you may also come across on people worrying about the one-click purchase feature that can end up having family members a long list of Amazon bills. Still, there aren’t any consumer reviews on this issue. It would be of great help that you read the user’s manual first before even experimenting with the buttons or clicks of the device. Like for example, you can easily avoid the one-click purchase by disabling this at the Prime settings of the tablet.

Summing Up The Kindle fire Reviews

The bottom line here is: Users of Kindle Fire is more happy and satisfied with their tablets than they are pissed with its “imperfections”. If these deficits can be fixed by software update, then Amazon has little to worry about. As soon as there is an update available, the new Kindle Fire would become more usable to consumers and perhaps, the number of consumers buying the Kindle Fire tablet would increase more. As for hardware problems like uneasy power button and lack of volume control, that can happen when Kindle Fire 2 will arrive, right? Remember, there are first times for everything. And as said earlier, Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet is just a pioneer device, so let us give the device more room to improve.