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Our selection of Kindle Fire games and apps of July for Kids

Almost every month, new Kindle Fire apps and games are released in the app store, adding to the already existing long list of kindle fire educational apps and games. Sometimes when we browse through the app store, it’s really hard to pick the apps and games that can give our money’s worth.

The good news is we are here to help you! For the month of July, we have specifically picked some of the most amazing new Kindle Fire educational apps and games chosen based on popularity, usefulness and consumer reviews.

These are really exciting new Kindle Fire educational apps that will challenge your kids’ creativity and skill at the same time teach them new things which they ought to learn. They are intended to entertain children and give them fun experiences while learning.

Here are our Top 5 Kindle Fire educational apps and games for July:

1. Where’s My Perry?

kindle fire games for kidsPrice: $0.99

Where’s My Perry? is one of many Kindle Fire educational apps that is very entertaining and easy to play. In this game, players will be challenged to use water in all its different forms to solve the puzzle: liquid, ice and steam. For less than a dollar, this is certainly one of the must-try Kindle Fire educational apps!

Exciting Feature

  • It has “Heat-inator,”  “Cool-inator” and “Celebrate-inator which can transform water from one form to another

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Top 8 of Math Games and Apps for kindle fire

Mathematics is not a very easy subject for children and adults alike. And for most parents, teaching math to kids proves to be a very challenging task. Thankfully, with the help of modern day gadgets like Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire math apps, teaching math to children and even grownups can now be so much fun and exciting.

Here are the top 8 Kindle Fire math apps which parents can use to teach and enhance their kids’ mathematical skills.

1. Kids Numbers and Math

Kindle Fire Games for kidsPrice: $2.99

Kids Numbers and Math is one of the Kindle Fire math apps that help preschoolers and early elementary school children learn about numbers and master basic arithmetic skills. It has large and easily readable numbers with kid-friendly backgrounds and exciting sounds that will motivate kids to complete each activity.

Special features

  • Teaches children to identify numbers, and to count, compare and match numbers
  • Teaches basic math skills

Buy from    $2.99


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