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3 Kindle Fire Apps to Teach Kids Money Skills

The world economy lately has given us all a quick and brutal lesson in financial planning. Namely, it is important to understand how your money works and how to best safe for the future. We are learning more and more about being prepared, and how bad it can be if we are unprepared when economic hard times hit. It turns out that the best time to learn about managing money is when you are still a kid. We aren’t born as savers or spenders, we learn from examples.


Most of us only have the example of our parents, and possibly we pick up some tips from our bank or credit card company, if we’re lucky. But today there are so many resources out there it is a shame not to take advantage of them. Educational tools are evolving all the time, and a simple reward system isn’t necessarily enough. You can teach your kid to save their allowance so they can afford to buy a toy they want, but learning to save for the long term is more complex than that.


Fortunately, there are some great Kindle Fire Apps that teach kids about the importance of saving and managing money, although they don’t necessarily make your kid feel like they’re experiencing a lecture on the topic. Below are reviews on some of the money skills Kindle Fire Apps for kids on the market.


Kindle fire kids apps1. My First Money

Price: $0.99

My First Money - Aprendium

This application is the most basic way to teach your kids about the use of money. There aren’t many options in the Kindle Fire for kids app store that teach them to add and subtract money based on coin values. This app does provide a nice skill lesson, and there are some fun aspects for the child, such as being able to add up and use coins to purchase things. Sadly, there are very few things to keep a child engaged in this app after the first few rounds. For just .99 cents you aren’t losing a lot if you buy this app, but don’t expect miracles with these types of Kindle Fire Apps for Kids.


Beneficial Features:
• Basic counting and adding
• Teaches familiarity with coins and money
• Teaches familiarity with purchasing items for prices

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