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CNET Shows you How to Make a Kindle Fire safe for kids

If you’d like to let your children use a Kindle Fire tablet, but worry about letting them loose on the Internet, Donald Bell (CNET’s senior editor for tablet) will show you How to Make a Kindle Fire safe for kids.




There are questions many parents worry such as:

  • How To Avoid Accidental Purchases In Your Kid’s Kindle Fire.
  • How To Filter Content In Your Amazon Kindle.

Find clear answers in the “Kindle Fire: All You Need To Know About Parental Controls“.

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Posted by Mashhour Alharthi - February 2, 2012 at 1:32 am

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Mobicip Parental Controls For Kindle Fire

Quite surprisingly, the Amazon Kindle Fire is one of the tablets out there in the market that’s gaining popularity these days. When it comes to tablets, most people think of the iPad first, however, that is not the case anymore. Currently, there are now a lot of iPad competitors emerging in the market, making competition tougher.

Amazon Kindle Fire: The Perfect Alternative To The iPad

The perfect example of iPad alternative is the Amazon Kindle, which is doing pretty good as its fan base is expanding rapidly. But as the increase in the number of users arises, so is the number of problems and complaints with Kindle grows. There are a lot of users’ issues that concern the Kindle tablet. However, do not get this the wrong way. The tablet is a good investment and you can definitely appreciate its features but nothing is perfect and there are flaws that will continue to exist, even when the tablet is already considered a must-have.

For every advantage, there is a sure downside to it. This is true with Amazon Kindle Fire’s ease of access and usability features. Most users love these features but to parents with kids, these features open up a way for foul play. Most parents complained that their kids have access to everything, even to adult content because of the fact that the tablet is extremely easy for any users, even to young audience.

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Posted by Ali Waqas - January 30, 2012 at 4:42 pm

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Kindle Fire: All You Need To Know About Parental Controls

After the hit invasion of smart phones, a new gadget is now gaining popularity in the market: the tablet. No questions asked, the iPad is by far, the most popular tablet around. However, everyone knows that Apple products are a bit pricey that not everyone can afford to have. Fortunately, there are now cheaper but great alternative tablets in the market. One to take note of is Amazon Kindle Fire – considered to be one of the tight competitors of Apple’s iPad.

Kindle Fire sells like hotcakes because it is less pricey, which only costs $199. In fact, it sold almost all its units last holiday season. In addition to this, not only is Kindle very popular to adults but more so to younger market.

A lot of parents bought the Amazon Kindle unit as a holiday present to their kids since the tablet offers cool apps for children and at the same time provides a lot of kid-friendly tools that younger consumers would love. More to this, the Kindle tablet also provides fun ways to promote learning and development among children as Amazon supplies great selection of interactive and colorful e-books for kids.

Kindle Fire VS iPad

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Posted by Ali Waqas - January 20, 2012 at 11:59 pm

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